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The sound of your podcast

At 123mix, we edit and mix podcasts just the way you like it. So it all depends on how you want your show to sound.

Send us your requests and a Spotify link to some shows you think sound great. Why? Because podcasts all over the world sound different.

In some countries, the typical sound of a podcast is rich, wide with a lot of bass and compression. Meanwhile podcasts elsewhere may sound as light as a feather. So the type of mix it really depends on your preferences.

Does it matter what kind of gear you’re using? Up to a certain level: yes. However the magic is in the mixing. Therefore you’d be surprised by the quality we can deliver in postproduction.


Need a tune or audio branding?

If you’re looking for a high quality intro, outro or other audio branding, we can provide you with what fits your show.

There’s a solution for almost every budget. Ranging from licenced, fresh stock music that we adapt into a jingle, to a custom studio production. Including a professional voice-over if you’re up for that.

Not sure what you want yet? Don’t worry. We’ll figure it out together.

This is how we (usually) roll

1. Send a request

Tell us what you’re looking for exactly. Our convenient form should help you figure it out if you’re not sure yet 🙂

2. We'll provide a reference quote

Just to not waste anyone’s time. A more detailled offer will be made once we discuss the project details

3. Production

We get to work! You get to provice feedback and we make sure you’re satisfied with the quality

Meet founder Niels De Keukelaere

Over 6 years ago, Niels founded The Belgian, main branch of A podcast agency producing, editing and mixing podcasts for a large variety of clients. From private companies to governmental organisations and national news media.

Since the beginning he kept on growing as a host, voice-over, editor and audio engineer. Trying more challenging recording conditions, types of microphones and formats, and more advanced audioprocessing. Those challenges led to a refined ear for optimizing recordings, yet also embracing audio characteristics as a way to define the sound of your podcast.

So what should your show sound like? Let’s figure it out together. Get in touch using the form below!

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